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Classes We Offer

***More than one class qualifies for a  generous discount!
***Discounts also apply for more than one family member!
Please call or text for details (585)797-5892


Tap technique balanced between rhythm tap and Broadway style. Tap is offered as part of the combo classes for ages 3-6 and single subject classes for ages 6-Adult. 
Combo class Saturday 10:30-11:15
Mini Tap (ages 5-9) Saturday 11:45-12:15
Junior Tap (ages 7-11) Monday 5-5:45
Advanced Teen Tap **Placement Required Friday 5-5:45
Adult Tap Wednesday 8-8:30


Jazz Technique rooted in traditional jazz style with funk and music video elements used as accents. Jazz is offered as a single subject class for ages 6 to adult. 

Mini Jazz (ages 6-8) Saturday 12:15-12:45

Junior Jazz (ages 7-11) Monday 5:45-6:30

Teen Jazz (ages 11+) Wednesday 6:45-7:30

Advanced Teen Jazz **Placement required Friday 7:15-8


Traditional Ballet technique combined with contemporary music to create a unique ballet experience for every dancer. Ballet is included as part of the Combo Class, and as a single subject class for ages 6-Adult.
Combo Class (ages 3-6) Saturday 10:30-11:15
Mini Ballet (ages 6-8) Saturday 11:15-11:45 
Teen Ballet/Lyrical (ages 11-18) Monday 8-8:45
Advanced Teen Ballet/Lyrical **Placement Required Friday 6:30-7:15
Adult Ballet Wednesday 7:30-8


Lyrical is a hybrid of Ballet and Jazz using the emotion of the story to drive the movement. Since Ballet is required,  lyrical will be included in Tween, Teen, and Advanced Teen Ballet classes.

Musical Theater

Broadway style classes for all ages. Females over 12 will take class in character shoes!  this is a great way to break in those shoes for the middle school or high school musical and practice in heels! 
Tween/Teen Theater (ages 9+) Monday 7:15-8
Advanced Teen Theater **Placement required Friday 5:45-6:30


This class will get you moving your body in all sorts of positions. Focusing on stretching and strengthening, acro will work on everything from splits to tumbling. Acrobatics will be included in combo classes as well as a single subject class for ages 6+. 
Combo class (ages 3-6) Saturday 10:30-11:15
Mini/Junior Acro (ages 6-12) Saturday 12:45-1:15 
Tween/Teen Acro (ages 10+) Wednesday 5:15-6:00

Hip Hop

Today's latest hip hop styles and street dance.
Teen Hip Hop (ages 11+) Wednesday 6:00-6:45
Advanced Teen Hip Hop **placement required will be held workshop style, contact us for more information

Tots Class

Creative Movement for the littlest dancer. Tots is a 30 minute class for 18mo-3yo. Students will do creative movement and stretches. Participation in the recital is optional. 
Tots class (ages 18 months-3 years) Tuesday 5:30-6

Combo Class

Combination classes are offered for 3-6 year olds. This class will explore creative movement/ballet, tap, and acrobatics. Students will only need to purchase one costume with mix and match pieces to perform in 2 dances in recital.
Combo Class (ages 3-6) Saturday 10:30-11:15

Adult Class

Adult Class is a great way to be creative and keep physically fit. Class can be adapted to meet your ability level. Adult Classes will be held in Ballet/Lyrical and Tap.
Adult Ballet/Lyrical Wednesday 7:30-8
Adult Tap 8-8:30

Private Lessons

Thirty minute private Lessons are available in any subject. Lesson times will be coordinated with the instructors. Please inquire for more information.